Terres de l’Ebre Taxi is a company formed by 97 taxi drivers from Baix Ebre, Montsià and Terra Alta. It is a young company created in 2004, but each member has extensive professional experience providing the best possible service. It is based on excellent internal organization which has, over the years, allowed it to rapidly adapt and coordinate all its services territorially.
The core values of TDEtaxi.

  • Customer comfort.
  • Maximum comfort during your trip, as the taxis are equipped with all the comforts you may need.
  • Adaptation, it is an exclusive service for customers and their companions, so the taxi will adapt to all your needs in terms of time and place of collection and destination, stops along the way, etc. 24 hours a day.
  • The safety of the customer and driver is another essential value, so the vehicles are in perfect condition with all safety measures approved. At the same time, all the taxi drivers working for TDEtaxi are renowned for their professionalism and drive with moderation and responsibility.?

Up to 4 seats

High range sedan type vehicles of the best brands. Maximum comfort and safety. Possibility of child seat (previous reservation). Transport of up to 3 bicycles.

Up to 8 seats

The same comfort and safety, but with maximum capacity. Excellent value for family groups, friends, business groups… High luggage capacity, with the option of auxiliary trailer for extra luggage: bicycles, quads, motorcycles, etc.

Safety measures

All active and passive safety features of the high range vehicles of the fleet.


Our taxis meet all safety standards, pricing standards, etc. Everything is reviewed, checked and verified in MOT tests once a year.??

Safety and comfort

Adaptable capacity of up to 8 comfortable seats that meet all safety measures.??

Taximeter and accessories

Our taxis have meters, to show the cost of the service at all times.


High-capacity trailer. Can hold up to 9 bicycles, or 1 quad or 2 motorbikes. Individually folding seats in 8-seater vehicles.

Transport of vehicles

High-capacity trailer. It can take 9 bikes, or 1 or 2 quad bikes.??

Bicycle carrier

Bicycle carrier attachable to tow ball with capacity for 3 bicycles.??

Adapted Euro-taxi

Taxis adapted with electric platform for wheelchair access, with the required internal attachments. We can transport up to 3 wheelchair users, plus 5 with conventional seats.

Child seats

??Seats for children of all ages, with prior reservation.

Luggage carrier?

Spacious boots with high capacity to transport luggage.

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